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Our laundromat's ultra high-efficiency DEXTER washer capacities handle up to 80 lbs and dryers up to 50lbs. These can wash 8+ loads at once drastically cutting down your overall laundry time, even when you bring in a ton of laundry. Choose multiple washers and dryers, or dump all of your laundry from the past month into one of the largest-capacity machines.


Doing laundry with us is a great deal per pound verse any other area laundromat. Wash cycles for our Dexter machines may cost a little more than old school top-loading washers, but our washers are programmed with extra water, extra rinse, high extraction(100G force) and longer spin times that make up for it. Clothing comes out squeaky-clean and contains less water. This saves you money and tons of time on your dry cycle. You will generally only spending $1 dollar for small loads and $2 for really big loads.


The reason the dryers are fixed prices for the time has nothing to do with making more money. We would make more money by the quarter as they were when we first took over. When we had a quarter operation for the dryers customers would split up a load into a bunch of small loads and take up 3-6 dryers when they only needed 1-2 leaving other customers without a dryer to use. Customers would think if they just have a few items in a dryer they will dry faster running from machine to machine plunking a quarter in each one and feeding many more, but unfortunately that theory is not actually the case with a Dexter Express Dryer. You need a normal size load in the machine to buffer the heat to dry the fastest without a normal load the heat blows in and out without heating the clothes fast like it would with a normal load. By having the set prices it keeps people from breaking up a normal load into a bunch of small ones forcing them to use the dryers as they should getting a perfect dry without the guess work.




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Forgot your soap, bag or a snack ? We got you covered! We have vending machines with all the products you forgot so sit back and relax and watch some HD TV or get on our FREE WIFI network while you wait.

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